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Tiger Research is your Sherpa, leading you to the summit of the Asian Web3 market

Our mission

We are the most trusted expert and long-term partner in Web 3, sherpa-ing projects to sectors and regions with the greatest need.


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    Always Think Backwards from the Customer

    Tigers always start by understanding the customer's situation and problems. We think deeply about how we can help. 

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    Execute and Deliver Results

    Tigers prioritize great execution over ideation and planning, as successful execution is the sole key to delivering results to both our mission and our customers. 

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    Focus on Unfair Advantage

    Tigers use our unfair advantage to excel and stand out in the market. 

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    Do Not Compromise Long-term Thinking for Short-term Gains

    Tigers prioritize long-term success over short-term temptations.

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    Earning Trust is a Daily Habit

    Tigers build trust consistently by being on-time and on-expectation both internally and externally.

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    Spot the Little Things

    Tigers pay attention to small details to achieve high quality standards

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    Be Curious

    Tigers are open to learning, questioning, and exploring. 

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    Be Nice

    Tigers are positive, wow-to-work-with, and respectful. We treat everyone as a valued customer.

Our team

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    Daniel Kim


    #Chief Everything Officer
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    Sean Kim

    Non-executive director

  • arrow

    Ryan Yoon

    Senior Research Analyst

    #RWA#Strategic Consulting
  • arrow

    Jay Jo

    Senior Research Analyst

    #Research#Data Analysis
  • arrow

    Yoon Lee

    Business Development Manager

    #Business Development#Marketing
  • arrow

    Margot Lee

    Marketing Manager

    #Marketing#Product Management
  • arrow

    Lime Park

    Business Operator

  • arrow

    Anh Ha

    Research Analyst

    #Business Development#Vietnam

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Based in Seoul, Tokyo, Hanoi, and Jakarta,
we are exploring the Web 3 landscape
across Asia.

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